Disaster Consulting Services offers a wide range of services and solutions customized for your unique business. Whether your properties have just been hit be a recent storm or are looking for solutions for existing damage, our multiple national presence and proven products gives us an edge to best serve you.



We believe strongly in bringing our full 20+ years of industry experience to the table to provide a combination the very best way to serve you. This includes policy review to evaluate your best strategy, property inspections by certified inspectors and team engineers to produce your full report, document valuing and substantiating your damage, claim negotiation, thorough updates throughout the process, and settling the claim for maximum value.



If this service will best serve your properties, here are just a few things that it includes full property inspections (accessing every roof, exterior ground inspections, roofing systems invasive testing, research all available weather data), estimating & scope creation, obtaining and reviewing bids / proposals (drafting proposal requests, managing bid submittal process, reviewing bids with owners / board), quality control, government compliance, scheduling, final inspections, invoicing review, & warranty review.



Did you know that in addition to insurance industry experience, we also have construction services experience? If the idea of a one-stop shop appeals to you, then we might be a good fit. For the right client, we offer full general contractor, roofing, siding, gutters, and fire / water mitigation services.



Have you ever found yourself wishing you could just seek strategic advice? Especially if you’re a Management Company, this might have direct benefits for you. Disaster Consulting Services offers personalized claims solutions for every type of management company as well as one on one strategy sessions to determine implementation.


Disaster Consulting Services is committed to providing you world class service and expertise. Here’s a sample of what to expect with us…
  1. Meet with Property Owner or Manager to clearly understand the client’s needs and develop a customized solution for their property damage claim
  2. Insurance Policy Review to determine best strategy for a successful claim
  3. Property Inspection and documentation of all damage by our team of dedicated industry professionals
  4. Create a detailed Damage Report with photos and projected estimate of damage
  5. Meet with Property Owner and Manager to review the Damage Report and explain the next steps in the claims process
  6. Ensure all supporting documentation is prepared prior to submitting to insurance company
  7. Utilize our team of experts to achieve a successful claim (public adjusters, engineers, attorneys, contractors, etc…)
  8. Advise client on options for completing the restoration from their claim
  9. Assist in Contractor selection
  10. Provide Owner representation services
  11. See the project through full warranty (where applicable)