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Relieving the Stress and Uncertainty with Large Insurance Claims for Home Owner’s Associations and Property Management Companies
  • Frustrated from pouring time and resources into navigating the large insurance claims system?
  • Bombarded by “storm chaser” contractors the moment a disaster strikes?
  • Losing opportunities to file insurance claims due to unreported storm damage?
  • Surprised by unexpected losses when you go to renovate or sell a property?
  • Worried legal liabilities from improper insurance claims and incorrect advice will damage your credibility with clients?

You’re Not Alone

It is easy to be caught unprepared when catastrophe strikes. When it does, vast amounts of time, resources and staffing hours can be wasted navigating the industry specific language of insurance claims. Insurance companies are motivated to deny large claims, pushing your claim into an even more complicated and slow arbitration (“appraisal”) process.

Some contractors follow in the wake of major natural disasters, offering to take the hassle off your hands. These contractors are usually no closer to being an expert on insurance claims than you are, and their aim is to put profit into their own pockets, not yours.

Many states have recently passed laws prohibiting contractors from negotiating insurance claims. That means contractors will likely promise what they can’t deliver, accept what the insurance companies offer, and increase your own liability from receiving improper advice. Sound familiar? Contact us before it’s too late.

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Case Studies

Curious about what’s possible? Take a look at 2 featured client case studies. This is only a sample of how DCS services can benefit your business both short and long term.

Owner of a Private Real Estate Investment Trust in Georgia

  • took a random meeting with us despite no knowledge of our business
  • owns 150+ commercial and industrial properties; had never been inspected for storm damage
  • we completed inspections on every building and produced reports
  • he made claims on approx 35 of them; we successfully negotiated and settled all of them as his public adjuster
  • received approximately $5 mil in settlements; paid us 10%
  • he completed repairs on his buildings for roughly $2.8 mil, netting him a profit of nearly $1.7 mil
  • was able to fix many leaking roofs that were costing him money every month, and he added to the value of his properties because they had new roofs

HOA Management Company in Illinois

  • manages 120+ homeowner associations
  • some experience with claims, but not much
  • no plan in place for handling claims other than reacting when notification of them (typically by a storm chasing contractor)
  • we implemented and still run a full claims department for them
    • monitor their properties, perform inspections all when storms hit, educate the managers on how to handle them, meet the boards and walk them through the process, settle the claims, and manage the construction process and contractor selection from start to finish
  • worked on large claims in the capacity of construction manager
  • 6 large claims will net the management company over $500k in management fees
  • Bonus: our program has also assisted with client retention for the management company, as it is a free, value added service to their associations
Working closely with Disaster Consulting Services was profitable for these clients and is our goal for you, too.

What about you?

Can you afford not to contact us for a conversation? Imagine your peace of mind from having a team of experts on your side not only after a hail or wind storm or even a fire, but also before a disaster strikes. Imagine your biggest worry during the “storm of the year” is your level of profitability (since legal liabilities and client retention are no longer stressors).  Possible? Yes. With DCS.

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Our Promise

1 From the moment a storm strikes, we will carry you through the claims process and through the restoration work until your property is fully repaired. Our team consists of experts from all fields, including licensed Public Adjusters in more than 20 states, to combine for a smooth and stress free experience. This means more profitability, time and peace of mind for you and your clients. Request Your Consultation Today!
2 We will work with you to develop a customized disaster portfolio that will minimize your exposure to risk in the case of a catastrophic loss. We will also work to maximize your returns and uphold the image of your company. Whether you need a public adjuster, a construction consultant, or general contractor, we can seamlessly fit your needs. Request Your Consultation Today!
3 We’ve run hundreds of large claims and have tested our in-house systems with several large management companies and ownership groups. We have a proven track record and know our product works. Let us partner with you in the large insurance claims process (hail, wind, water, & fire), so you can focus on YOUR business. Request Your Consultation Today!

Curious about what's possible for you?

If you’re ready for increased peace of mind that comes from having a team of experts on your side when a disaster strikes vs overwhelming stress and uncertainty, then take the next step today. Is this possible? Yes. With DCS.
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